Calling all Super Friends

"Superfriends" by Christopher Stadler on Flickr

Like most kids in the early 80s, I would dash to the TV every Saturday morning for a few hours of cheesy cartoon goodness. While I relished in the adventures of Thundarr the Barbarian, the Shirt Tales, and the Smurfs, nothing grabbed my attention more than the Super Friends. But even though I was still pinning a towel around my neck to fly around the house, I was already beginning to question why Superman would need to team up with a bunch of other lame superheroes to save the world from its various problems.

Seriously, what good is it to have a guy around that uses telekinesis to talk with fish? And need I even mention the Wonder Twins and their pet Gleek? Really? These sidekicks were so beneath Supes!

Thirty-some years later, I think I figured it out: Superman just isn’t what is best for every situation. Sure, he can perform heroic feats similar to his super-buddies, but his technique might be lacking. Can you imagine Superman giving a young girl a pep talk to boost her self-esteem? Nah. Better leave that to Wonder Woman. And let’s face it: Superman is famous more for his brawn than his brains. Enter Bat Man. Oh, and if you watched the 2013 Superman reboot, you sure as heck know that he doesn’t give a darn about protecting the environment. That’s why we have Aquaman. And as for the Wonder Twins? Well, uh…I might have to get back to you on them.

So what’s the point? The Super Friends make me think about how this website could be so much better.

Currently, it’s a mishmash of personal blogging and resources developed for my classes. In other words, it’s entirely not what I envisioned when I purchased this domain. I wanted to create a place where teachers, administrators, parents, and students could come together to “talk” education. So far, that hasn’t happened.

And it’s because I’ve needed your help.

So here’s my invitation to you:

  • If you have thought about blogging about education, but you don’t know how to get started, leave a comment below or message me through Twitter, and I’ll contact you about how we can work together to help build this site into something “super.” Yeah, I’m inviting you to be a part of that talkED team!
  • Do you have a twisted sense of humor? Do you love reading The Onion? Well, I’d love to have you on board. Maybe you can contribute a little satire to help us laugh at ourselves, politics, or education in general.
  • Maybe you’re the type of person that would rather speak your mind about education through audio or video. If so, I’d love to help give you the forum to share your thoughts! Just leave a comment or tweet, and we’ll go from there.

I know there are other great sites out there that have their own “super friend” edu-bloggers, but why can’t there be another? Why can’t we create our own community of people who encourage each other to connect, create, collaborate, and communicate?

So come on, Super Friends. Let’s build a great site together. I’d love to have you on the team!

One catch: perky twins who have a penchant for dressing in purple and playing with pet monkeys need not apply.

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