How to Screen Record With Audio? Windows 11

screen record with audio

Screen Record With Audio: You can utilize the Xbox Game Bar, the screen recorder in PowerPoint, or third-party applications.

What You Should Know – Screen Record With Audio

  • Select Record from the Xbox Game Bar, or press Windows key+Alt+R.
  • Insert > Media > Screen Recording in PowerPoint.
  • To record sound, make sure Audio is chosen.
  • Use a third-party screen recorder such as Snagit, Screenshot Captor, ShareX, or a game recording program instead.

This post will show you how to record a screen with Audio in Windows 11. The instructions apply to all Windows 11 versions.

How to Screen Record With Audio on Windows 11

The Xbox Game Bar is a built-in app recording feature in Windows 11. In addition to the screen, you may Screen Record With Audio from your computer and external Audio through a microphone. Unfortunately, using the Xbox Game Bar, you cannot record your desktop or Windows File Explorer. Instead, you’ll need to utilize a different way to do this. Other solutions include the screen record with audio in Microsoft PowerPoint, the VLC video player, and several third-party screen capture apps.

How to Use the Xbox Game Bar to screen record with audio

Because your Windows 11 PC already has the Xbox Game Bar installed, it is by far the most straightforward approach for screen record with audio:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key + g, or search for Xbox Game Bar and start the app.
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If the Capture window isn’t visible in the upper-left corner, click the Capture icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

2. Select Capturing on the left side of the Settings window after selecting the Settings gear in the top toolbar.

3. Select All to capture all system noises or Game to record only Audio from the app under Audio to Record.

4. Close the Settings window and click Esc on the keyboard to exit the Xbox Game Bar. To automatically record gameplay, check the option next to Record in the background while I’m playing a game.

5. Launch the app or Game that you wish to record. On your keyboard, press Windows+Alt+R, or open the Xbox Game Bar and pick the Record button in the Capture window.

6. In the screen’s upper-right corner, a recording window will appear, indicating that your screen is being recorded. To stop recording, hit the Stop button or Windows key+Alt+R.To examine your recordings, click the pop-up or visit the Xbox Game Bar.

7. Your recording will be shown in the Xbox Game Bar Gallery.

8. To open the file, choose Open file location (the default path for screen recordings is C: UsersIsernameVideosCaptures).

How to Use PowerPoint to Record Your Screen

Another alternative is to utilize Microsoft PowerPoint’s screen recorder. To utilize the function, you must have a Microsoft Office subscription. Go to the Insert tab in a new presentation and pick Media > Screen Recording. In the screen recorder window, select Select Area, then click and drag over the area you wish to record.

  • To record sound with your video, make sure Audio is chosen.
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  • To conceal the mouse pointer, disable Record Pointer.

  • To begin recording, select Record.

  • When you’re done recording, choose Stop or press Windows Key+Shift+Q.

  • Your recording will be seen on the slide.

  • To save the video as an MP4 file, right-click it and select Save Media.

Other Methods for screen record with audio

Snagit, Screenshot Captor, and ShareX are a few examples of third-party screen record with audio software containing video editing tools.
You may, for example, use Snagit to extract select frames and generate GIFs.

FAQ – Screen Record With Audio

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On Windows 11, how can I record a video of myself?

In Windows, use the Camera app to record videos using your webcam. Alternatively, you may use a third-party program such as VLC Media Player.

In Windows 11, how can I take screenshots?

In Windows 11, click the Windows key + PrtSc to snap a screenshot. To choose a portion of the screen to capture, press Windows+Shift+S.
Screenshots are kept in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

In Windows 11, how can I divide my screen?

Turn on Snap Windows to divide your screen into Windows. Drag a window to one side of the screen, let go of the mouse, and then choose another window to snap to the opposite side. Hover your mouse over the Maximize symbol to select one of many snap window configurations.

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