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Teachers embrace iPods so their classes can be “less boring”

Rather than listen to her history teacher’s lecture about the Kennedy assassination, Tri County student Beth McGowen chooses to listen to the Dead Kennedys.

HOWARD CITY, MI—Tri County High School teachers are praising students for violating policies stated in their student handbook by bringing their iPods and other portable media players to class this trimester in an effort to overcome their perpetual boredom with the school’s curriculum.

“For years teachers have been telling their classes to ‘pay attention’ and ‘stay awake,’ but those are unreasonable expectations for today’s students,” Tri County Assistant Principal Joe Williams said. “The iPods have been a godsend. Walk into any class and you’ll be amazed at how alert the kids are. Just yesterday, I walked into a teacher’s classroom and saw students showing curiosity over a dirty video on a student’s iPod touch. Another group was singing along to the newest 50 Cent song. I bet that teacher could have never gotten that kind of student interaction with a tedious science lab experiment.”

Constrained by a curriculum that doesn’t allow students to just have fun, Tri County teachers have been struggling to pique their students’ interest. “It’s been difficult trying to make the students care about what I teach, but I can’t really blame them,” John Bagin, a history teacher at Tri County, said. “After all, how can one expect students to get fired up for meaningless discussions about the Holocaust and world war?”

Teachers have enthusiastically reported a marked increase in participation since students have been bringing their portable media players to class. “They used to give me blank stares when I would ask a question,” psychology teacher Sharon Lutz-Krebill said. “Now they’re nodding their heads the entire time. Sure, they’re just headbanging to System of a Down, but appearance is everything.”

While Tri County educators admit that test grades have actually gotten lower since the school embraced student use of portable media players, Tri County Principal Mark Simons says they are not concerned. “Education is all about keeping the students happy,” Simons said. “It’s just easier on everyone when students get what they want.”

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